Fully integrated from the front to back end

We have developed a cross-platform application layer that provides exceptional utility and functionality that is compatible with iOS, Android and Win8 mobile smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. This combines with a middleware layer that is capable of advanced bandwidth management (including differential and delta updating of content), data parsing, image and asset optimisation, dynamic deployment of form-based data display and collection. There is also the integration of other data sources such as mapping or geo-location data, authentication data (e.g. active directory or biometric), NFC or barcode scanning and smart card data.

These layers also connect to enterprise IT systems like CRM, ERP, CDNs and CMS through our enterprise service bus consisting of webservices, APIs and connectors. Which is controlled by our mobile content management system (MCMS) which dynamically delivers the correct content so that it displays beautifully on any mobile device regardless of size, aspect ratio, brand or operating system. The Unifii mobility platform also includes advanced analytics, reporting capabilities and can incorporate third party APIs like Google Analytics, Snakk and Flurry. Talk to our development team for a full run down.