A versatile, modular, enterprise grade mobility platform

The Unifii mobility platform is designed to allow any organisation to connect its IT systems to the mobile channel and deploy existing or new B2C, B2B or business applications across the enterprise. Unifii is comprised of: an HTML, hybrid or native application layer for best-of-breed mobile applications that work with any make, model or operating system; an enterprise service bus to provide interoperability with IT systems and; a comprehensive middleware layer to handle all the security, data and content transformation, notifications, analysis, reporting and dynamic workflow processes required to truly mobilise the enterprise.

With more than a million Australians currently connected to Unifii it is the most widely implemented enterprise mobility platform in the country. It also the only Australian owned and operated enterprise mobility platform servicing enterprise and government and because our platform can utilise any data storage repository we can guarantee data sovereignty.

Scaleable across any enterprise the Unifii allows multiple mobile apps and websites to integrate with any number of back end systems. This means that a single platform can serve the needs of the entire enterprise value chain including sales, marketing, HR, B2C, B2B, operations and your field force.